Cromwell Road Primary School, South Bank

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Nothing now remains of the school apart from the entrance doorway for girls.
Cromwell Road School, South Bank
I’m not sure on the exact demolition date but the school celebrated it’s 100th year in 2004 and was due to be merged with Beech Grove Primary at the end of 2005.

There were large scale demolitions of the surrounding streets around 2006/2007

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  1. I went to this school 20 year a go and I was born and bread in south bank meet some very good friends at this school I am a Stockton lad now but it is still in my blood it will be missed very much

      • I went to this school 1950 – 1956. Have some happy memories in the infants. Miss Armstrong was lovely. So was Miss Baxter. Miss Unthank and Miss Suffle not so nice. Mr. Maughn was the head master. Miss Gittus taught singing and choir and took us to sing in competition around Yorkshire. Fun times on the chartered buses.
        The school dinners were fantastic. Christmas pantomimes were magical. Shame they pulled it down .Does not make sense destroying a find brick building. Would have made a good community center.

        • Hi Muriel. I went to Brownies/Guides at Cromwell rd school back in 1968, and both my sons went there too. We lived in Oliver street from 1981 – 1994. I also knew Miss Gittus as my mam worked as a cleaner for her. I know she went on to teach at the Grammar school which later was called Gillbrook. It was a lovely old building the only bad thing I remember about it was the awful smell, which came from the coke oven that heated the school, so I was told!

    • Hello Terrance. I just saw your email. I remember your name. What teachers did you have ? Muriel Redd nee Jenkins.

  2. Attended this school in late 60’s, moved on to Sarah Mecalf Secondry Modern for one year then moved to Cardiff.
    Lots of good memories and lots of good mates, Peter Searl, Kieth Ruddock, Micky Thomas ( Ausie ) John Blackett Tony Mallet, Malcolm Bray just to mention a few. I also remember Amanda Rolf and Angela Brereton. Teachers; Mr Blake, Mrs Skipper, Mrs Cornforth and headmaster Mr Rabey.
    Met up with Kieth many many years sgo for a pint and also met up with Peter.
    Always wonder what there doing now ?????

    • Hi Trevor, just spotted you note, you missed me from your list of Pete, Keith and John. I’m now in Australia. Rob Main

  3. Lived in Cod St..Peel St and Pym St and left there just after I took my 11 plus(failed second half).Went to Huddersfield and now living in Sydney 33 years.HeadMaster then was Mr Maugn and Mr Raby used to do the hand ball on a Friday afternoon after school…but even though I turned up every week he never picked me!Remember Mrs Skipper and Mr Blake who used to spend half the sports lesson writing football tactics on the black board when all we wanted to do was play the game.Remember Hazel Rowdon in my class and Wayne Brown and Stephen Chinek ..and Susan…?whose father ran the local milk delivery business…Fantastic grounding for my life..will never forget and anyone who remembers me (or thinks they do)can email
    as I do need to visit here again (maybe)this year!
    Take Care
    Jed Robinson

    • I was in your class Ged remember all the people you have mentioned Susan SMITH was the girl whos father ran the milk business glad to hear you are doing well in aussie ……….. my name by the way is Brian Cassidy hope you remember take care

  4. Went here in the late 70’s I won the competition to design the new school badge … Remember vicky Bruce john hazelhurst and swimming at Eston baths … And Carlton camp …

  5. I attended this school In 1966 – 1970 then we migrated to Australia . What a culture shock it was back then . I remember a boy at school gave me a box of Maltesers and I was too shy to thank him . Thank you Steven banks x

  6. I attended this school from 1950 to 1956. then went on to Eston County modern in Normanby. My name was Muriel Jenkins. Mr. Phillips was the headmaster then Mr. Maughn. I had Miss Fairbanks in infants. then Miss Suffle, Mrs Davies, Miss Uthank and Miss Baxter. Was in the school choir with Miss Gittus. We had a wonderful bus trip to York – stopping along the moors and villages on the way.
    Sad to see only the girls gate left of what was once a fine school.

  7. HILARY MORTEN .My mam and dad were students there I was there in 1960 till 63 we migrated to Australian I have fond memories, teachers I remember , mrs Armstrong and miss Bell

    • Yes I remember Mrs. Armstrong. She taught with kindness. Quite a change from a lot of the teachers in those days.

  8. There must be more memories and people out there? You can’t believe so much history has been torn down – really sad – my regret is I never went back to see the teachers after I left – anyone remember Irish Mr Rattigan?

  9. Went to this school from 1980 – 1986 and left due to us moving to London made some lovely friends Anne Marie Goldsborough who’s dad had the corner shop on Cromwell road and Andrea Wyman.. loved the teachers too Miss Morris Mrs Wickes Mrs Livingstone Mrs Willis Mr Metcalf Mr Rattigan Mr Barron (the scary one 😒)

    • I was there the last 2 years of my juniors as moved to south bank from Kingsley road in grangetown …. left Cromwell road and onto “ GILLY “ in the September of 1982 … remember mr Barton alright !!
      I remember we all had to sit down outside on the wet floor for some reason and I got the slipper for not doing as I was told ….. kids these days are well spoilt …. we had respect in “ Grange Hill years “ … happy days 😀

  10. Went to this school late 80s early 90s lived on 25 cromwell road. Had many of years at that school shame its gone any school friends id love to hear from add on Facebook if you rember me

  11. I was at the school 1956 to 1963. I have some fond memories and some not. I remember Miss Leek and Mr Maughan who were the primary and junior head teachers. Does anyone remember Mrs Knight with her white hair.

    In the junior school I remember Mrs Linney, Mrs Suffle (who couldn’t, such a horrible woman) and Miss Unthank. Those were the days when we had pencil and milk monitors …much responsibility. I also remember the outside toilets with all those spiders and daddy long legs and the playground where we used to do french skipping, handstands and play kingy.

    Does anyone remember the Christmas show when we had real candles on the tree and a fire as a result.

    If anyone would like to get in touch please add me to your facebook.

  12. My mother was Mrs Armstrong! She taught in the infants at this school until her retirement. She also taught all her own children myself included. I remember having to call her Mrs Armstrong. Sad to note the school has gone

    • Hello Suzanne. Your Mum was my infant teacher. I adored her. I can still see her in my mind. She touched the lives of many children in her life. I cannot recall her exactly teaching us, but I remember the feeling of warmth and safety in the classroom. I never forgot her and I am delighted to be able to share my feelings with you.

      Muriel Redd ( nee Jenkins )

  13. i attended from 1948 to 1953, remember my time there with great fondness. Mrs Armstrong was my first teacher, a lovely caring woman. Also \miss Baxter who was my inspiration, NEVER forget her!!
    ANYONE FROM MY CLASS REMEMBER ME – Stanley Buxton, the Elderfield twins, Sandra McLean (I had a fight with her) friends afterwards though. Margaret Tye (my cousin) Audrey Watkins and many more – it has always been a warm memory my time there, shame to see the remaining gateway – all that is left. I still visit South Bank every few years, my roots, I am now 75, live in Neasham, outside Darlington but am proud to say I came from South Bank………. I am Judith Morgan, nee Tye.

  14. The Buxton`s lived in Queen street. We lived next door to Tommy at No 94. I think Stanley was a few doors down. Used to borrow comics from him. Miss Baxter was an amazing teacher. Strict, but kind as well. I am 73 and live in Seattle in the U.S.

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