Red Lion Ghostsign, Guisborough

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This sign relates to the opening times of the pub during the livestock mart, as far as I can tell a pub called the Red Lion existed here until around 1970.

Pub License Ghost, Guisborough

As far as I can make out it says :-

These premises are permitted to be open 11am to 10pm on Tuesdays for the convenience of those attending the mart.

19 thoughts on “Red Lion Ghostsign, Guisborough

  1. Apparently there were quite a few more pubs/hotels around the market place in Guisborough back in the late 1800s. As there were a large number of miners living in the town around this time I suppose they had a captive market!

  2. Chris, I remember this pub. It had a room at the back you could get into by going down the alley. I think I remember you got your beer through a hatch from the main pub. Good place to sneak into and not be noticed if you were underage in the late 60’s

  3. See Bulmers Directory for 1890 for Guisborough Pubs.

    Hotels, Inns, and Taverns.
    Abbey Inn, Redcar road; John Cooper
    Anchor Inn, 16 Bellmangate; Wm. Burton
    Black Swan, Westgate; John Parks
    Buck Hotel (commercial, &c.), Market place; Mary Jane Pybus
    Chaloner Hotel, Northgate; Maria Clarke
    Fox Inn, 10 Bow street; Chas. Spink
    George & Dragon, Market pl; John Jordan
    Globe, 83 Northgate; Walter Slaughter
    Golden Lion, Westgate; Thos. Cooper
    Highland Laddie, 63 Church street; Wm. Snow
    King’s Head, 55 Westgate; Rt. Fletcher
    Mason’s Arms, 231 Westgate; Geo. Snaith
    Mermaid, Westgate; Henry Naylor
    Miners’ Arms, 22 Cleveland st; Matthias Rooks
    Red Lion, 23 Church st; Jas. Smith
    Seven Stars, Market place; Thomas Clark, (good accom. for travellers)
    Ship Inn, 145 Westgate; Abrm. Westacott
    Station Hotel, 8 Chaloner st; Wm. Robinson
    Three Fiddles, 44 Westgate; John Hodgson

    Against all this there was a generally empty Temperance Hall……………………….

    • For all of the talk about the death of the pub the majority are still in existance.

      Abbey Inn,
      Anchor Inn,
      Black Swan,
      Buck Hotel (only recently closed)
      Chaloner Hotel, (gone)
      Fox Inn,
      George & Dragon, (gone)
      Golden Lion, (gone)
      Highland Laddie, (shut I think, but not gone yet)
      King’s Head,
      Mason’s Arms, (gone)
      Mermaid, (now Tap and Spile)
      Miners’ Arms, (gone)
      Red Lion, (gone)
      Seven Stars (now The Priory)
      Ship Inn,
      Station Hotel,(gone)
      Three Fiddles.

    • The cock inn, now NatWest bank. Lord nelson,church st. King William, church st. The sloop west. End.also in the high street not sure of exact locations, salutation, unicorn, plough, cheques, and not forgetting , the black dog. I’ll keep digging see if I can find any more,

    • John Cooper, Thomas Cooper and George Snaith are all relatives of mine. I believe John took over the Abbey Inn from his father Aaron Cooper.

    • Abbey Inn – John Cooper (3x great uncle); Golden Lion – Thomas Cooper (2x Great grandfather); Mason’s Arms – George Snaith (married 4 x great aunt) – all my relatives. Most bizarre though is the fact that my best friend had a relative (Matthew Myers) who lived at 40 Westgate and was the local shoemaker, living within spitting distance of my relatives. Who’d have thought that 100+ years down the line, their descendants would not only be working together, but also best friends and living 10 mins walk apart – not in Yorkshire, but in Bristol – mindblowing!

  4. Plus the new ones – the Huntsman, The Voyager and the Courtyard, as well as all the clubs scattered around. Gadgie Town has always been afloat on alcohol, it seems,

  5. Also Bar 44 on Westgate & that one where the flats & petrol station now are on Middlesbrough Road both of which have since since come & (thankfully!) gone…

  6. The Moorcock. Although the majority are still in existance the trade is very tough these days, having been out in Guisborough occasionally over the last few years it is definitely quieter these days. I think the days of making money out of running pubs in small towns are well and truly over.

  7. How the town is changing since I was a kid, but surely when they start building all these house on the land they have sold . We will need to double the number of pubs (an old guisboro quote, “Build another house in Guisborough best build another pub”) . And where are these families kids going to go to school,??. I could go on but leave it there.Guisborough is a town ,I don’t want to live in a city.

  8. I called in the Abby inn, on Monday 17 Feb 2013 haven’t been there since I was a kid. It hasn’t changed. The last time I called in was 1966 I was 7 years old. My brother and I were sent from bennison street to the pub with a 2 pint jug and a coin “old money” to buy beer for grandad which we got through a hatch. As we struggled back up the alley I remember tasting the brew, it was awful.some things never change.

  9. I go to the Abbey for the Quiz on Tuesdays.
    We get 3 pints for a fiver!
    Sam Smiths. You can’t beat it. Go to the Fox, Priory, Tap etc and it’s £3 a Pint!

  10. The best thing about the Abby is no television, I was in last night, had a cracking night, brilliant conversation with people, I”d never met before. Normally I”d have gone to con s club telly blasting no one watching it and no conversation. And a lick of paint wouldn’t go amiss. Abbey is the furthest pub from my house but well worth the walk

  11. As i write for the town magazine I would be happy to recieve any info re the old pubs etc as i cover local history…currently doing an article on the globe and its new licenses …any old pics of the globe at all? or do you know owt about it???

    • Hi Martin,

      I still have some old pictures of the globe and did do a potted history of former licenses.

      Get in touch if you are still interested, though I note that you posted in Aug 2015.


  12. We had a fledgling pop group and we used to stash our gear above the back room of the Red Lion Church St. (gone now) .We sometimes played in the back room some nights. Bob Brown and his Mrs were the Pub landlords.

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