Lingdale Institute 1911

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The Lingdale Institute was erected in 1911/12 and cost £1,800.
Lingdale Institute 1911
The cost was mainly covered by mine owners Pease & Partners and contained Reading, Billiard, Games Rooms
Lingdale Institute 1911
It appears the inscription was concreted over at some point, thanks to M Watson for confirming that this happened during the war to help stop the German’s knowing the area they were in if they were shot down for example.

Also a wing on the right has been removed.

3 thoughts on “Lingdale Institute 1911

  1. Interesting post. The establishing of social facilities in mining communities by mine owners appears to have been a regular occurence. I read in one of Simon’s books that Pease & Partners didn’t like their employees frequenting pubs so would set up reading rooms, sports clubs etc.

    • Indeed they were Quakers and villages like New Marske were officially ‘dry’ (although a lot of private drinking did go on)

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