Guibal vs Sirocco

Mines were originally ventilated by having a furnace at the bottom of the shaft to draw air through the mine, with the associated fire risk.

Two types of fanhouses seem to be used across most of Cleveland (they often seem to be the only remaining buildings)

The Guibal is earlier and uses a lower speed, large diameter fan to pull the air from the mine up through the chimney as seen as Huntcliffe and Skelton Shaft

The Sirocco is a later centrifugal fan, invented by Samuel Davidson , with narrow
blades curved forward, mounted at the periphery of a braced, open drum. It
is a high-speed, small-diameter fan. One of these exists at Grinkle.

2 thoughts on “Guibal vs Sirocco

  1. I remember when I was a little kid living in Brotton going up to Lumpsey Mine and playing in the buildings, the Sirrocco fan was still thre, As I remember it was still there well into the 70s.

  2. My mistake it was a Waddle Fan at Lumpsey!. You could still get into the remains of the building and walk down the inclided drift that intersected the upcast shaft.
    At the surface it was surrounded by a wall but through the fan house it was just a small iron railing that stopped you falling in 🙂

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