Port Mulgrave machinery

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The remains of some sort of machinery are stuck in a hole in the rapidly eroding sea wall.
Port Mulgrave
Port Mulgrave
Unfortunately I have no idea if this relate to the period of ironstone mining when ore was loaded here, or just some later scrap.
Port Mulgrave
Also there is possibly the wheel of a mine tub by one of the fishermans huts.

Port Mulgrave

5 thoughts on “Port Mulgrave machinery

  1. Port Mulgrave is another place i’m very familair with and i am planning to venture into Portmulgrave Tunnel very soon.

    Although i havent scanned it yet i have an document from 1985 that tells everything there is to know about Port Mulgrave and it is good reading.

    When scanned anyone who wants it can have a copy.

  2. I was there just last week although didnt venture much further than the entrance.

    There was an article about the various parts of the tunnel in the latest issue of Cleveland Industrial Heritage magazine (which did also warn of poor air quality in places)

    It would be a good read if you’re planning a visit, i can send you a scan in return for the one you have.

  3. I havent been for while so when you say that you didnt venture further than the entrance do you mean one of them is now actually open so it can be accessed.

  4. I visited Port Mulgrave yesterday and had a look at the ‘machinery’. Indeed it is hard to work out whether it is mining related or not, as the beach area now seems rather desolate and home to 2 abandoned excavators (what they were used for/how they got there is anyone’s guess!) and various other items of scrap metal, seemingly abandoned. The area’s long tradition of fishing may be a factor as some work may have been done to the bay post mine closure but no record of this appears to have been made.

  5. Hello, in the past I have visited Port Mulgrave often, beiing a fossil collector.
    I remember that the fishermen used to clean out the harbour with the excavators to keep it nice & deep.
    Nowadays the harbour is filled with debris from a couple of cliff-fals that happened around 1995; there was just no point in trying to keep the rublle out, since it washed back in the next tide…
    All the original equipment from the old jetty has been scrapped long ago and the timbers were destroyed bij a fire.
    Hope to visit Port Mulgrave again next spring; it`s a magical place…


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