Sandsend Tunnel

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When I last visited the Sandsend end was locked, but the Kettleness end was open (although requiring a journey through the shorter Kettleness tunnel to reach it)

The track between the two is very overgrown and the tunnel portal in poor condition, the seaward side is angled and looks like it may collapse within a few years.

A sizable heap of mud has washed through the roof which is held up by a metal arch, although its hard to tell how long that has been in place.
Sandsend Tunnel Portal
Sandsend Tunnel Portal Reinforcement

Inside the tunnel appeared more stable, although we only ventured a little way due to time constraints.
Sandsend Tunnel

I need to return and take more photos as this visit predated me having a DSLR.

Rikj has some amazing shots of the rest of the tunnel on Flickr

9 thoughts on “Sandsend Tunnel

  1. If your planning on returning to the Sandsend + Kettleness tunnels give me an e-mail and perhaps we could meet up for a walk through.

    This wont be my first time (actually it wont even be my 50th time) but i just love going through the tunnel but i also have a more serious duty and that is to keep an eye on its condition (unofficially) and document it as best i can before its lost to time (taking photos and such).

  2. I’ll take you up on that some time, however with my site being in its early days there are an awful lot of other places I want to get some photographs of first.

    Great photos, where is IMAG0011 taken i’ve never seen that place ?

    I’ve trimmed your email from the comments so you dont get harvested for spam.

  3. That image is in the tunnel of the culverted stream at Grinkle not far from the collapse (which has created a round chamber to the right of the tunnel quite cool actually), image IMAG0005 to the right is of the way that i first entered but just after the collapse the tunnel changes from brick to wood supports like in a mine. The other entrance has been severely damaged by flooding but its easy to get in but i didnt go to far through as my torch died.

    Going back and going all the way through taking pictures is something i’d like to do (would help if my camera stopped dying after taking only 10 pictures).

    If your planning on going to any other places in the North Yorks area gives us an email.

    Keep an eye on my flikr page for other pics.

  4. It’s a fine tunnel. You can still get down one of the side vents. But muddy but fascinating. It brings you out halfwya down – or up – the cliff as you’d expect and there’s a pretty easy path back up to the top.

  5. Brilliant pic! Really fascinated to learn about the Sandsend Tunnel. I live about 10 miles away and have been on the line a few times but never dared to go in. I’ve seen the south portal (sandsend side) but never the north end. I have seen the north end of the kettleness one and at the time thought it was all the same tunnel until i learned different on the net. I bet it’s real spooky inside, think i’d be a bit scared of being buried alive! I love local history so any more pics would be great!

  6. Apparently anyone going through sandsend tunnel gets a visit from the ghost sometime after(according to Ivor landlord of Hart Inn Sandsend)also strange things happen to you afterwards.Cant say I’ve noticed anything yet and its now been 6 wks.

  7. I walked through the tunnel about five times with a mate in the early 1970’s. Back then the North portal was in good condition, still retaining it’s proper shape. Without maintainance it was only a matter of time before it collapsed. I personally think it should be repaired and preserved.

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