Grinkle Ironstone Mine and Ridge Lane Tunnel

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The tunnel travels from the mine site, under Ridge Lane. A through journey is possible although wellingtons would be a good idea. The track continued through to Dalehouses then into a second tunnel which emerges at Port Mulgrave.
Grinkle Ironstone Mine Ridge Lane Tunnel
Grinkle Ironstone Mine Ridge Lane Tunnel 2
Grinkle Ironstone Mine Ridge Lane Tunnel 3

Little remains visible at the actual mine site, although there is a large collapse due to the culverted stream running underneath.
Grinkle Ironstone Mine Collapse
Grinkle Ironstone Mine Collapse

A large concerete block is one of the few remains of the mine site.
Grinkle Ironstone Mine 2
Grinkle Ironstone Mine 1
But its more fun in the tunnel.
Light Painting in Ridge Lane Tunnel 1

10 thoughts on “Grinkle Ironstone Mine and Ridge Lane Tunnel

  1. Hi, I have been through the Ridge Lane tunnel, but wondered if the tunnel From Dalehouse to Port Mulgrave is passable, anyone have any info?

  2. Theres an 11 page article about the current state of the tunnel in issue 20 of Cleveland Industrial Heritage Magazine. There a link to them on my links page, they are also available in local libraries to borrow.

  3. Have you also noticed that if you drop down to the stream at the Potash end of the tunnel there’s all kinds of interesting stuff! An axle and wheels from some kind of narrow gauge railway. If you wade across the beck theres also a tunnel entrance which is in a state of near collapse, however you can still see a couple of different passages with a torch. There’s also the exit of a large brick culvert thats still in use.

  4. Visited the site again today whilst on a circular. There is some sort of drift entrance near to the end of the culvert in the woods just as you approach the pit yard area. A concrete or stone building base is nearby, and a few lengths or rail/tramway are lying around. I don’t know if this was one of the main access points for the mine – I cannot recall ever having reading much about this site (even though I have all of Simon’s books!!!).

  5. Simon is currently writing a book about Grinkle.

    The drift entrance on the North of the river is a little mysterious, there shouldnt be any working over there at all, it could be a trial.

    • I believe i may be able to cast some light on that.I first explored this area in the early 1970s,and at that time, in a local pub,I was recounting my exploration of the Grinkle mine area to an old man by the name of Ted Bradley,an East Cleveland miner,who talked to me about an incident he had heard of, from a relative who had worked in the Grinkle mine. Apparently,there had once been a collapse of a culvert over the ridge lane beck,resulting in an extremely speedy flooding of the mine workings,and all that had prevented a major disaster,was the fact that men could evacuate via this tunnel.They also brought the horses out by the same route which carried the name the “horse hole”.The reason for this tunnel is unclear,but when I explored it last in 1974’after walking a few yards in,the tunnel branched left, leading to the original drift,which was obviously flooded to roof height,or right to a passageway to the sirocco fan shaft in Twizzigill field bottom, “there was also remains of wooden doors,used to divert the air flow for ventilation” .If you have any interest in contacting me to discuss this,feel free to get in touch and I would be glad to talk about something that has been of great interest for many years.

      • I am looking at exploring the site myself which us the best way yo get to the old grinkle pit love the history of the mines in the area

        • Theres no simple parking to be honest, all you can really do is park at Dalehouses or near Cow Bar and have a relatively long (but pleasant) walk to the site

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