Danby Beacon Radar Station

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From 1939 to 1954 this piece of moor played a key role in World War 2.
Danby Beacon Radar Station
This site detected and led to the shooting down of the first enemy aircraft to fall on England on 3rd February 1940, a Heinkel 111which later crashed at Bannial Flatt Farm near Whitby.
Danby Beacon Radar Station
Danby Beacon Radar Station Plaque
This website covers the layout of the site in a lot more details

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  1. One beacon was left standing after they demolished the rest. As a teenager in 1957 we atempted to climb it but chickend out due to the height. the ladders were wood .Years earlier my Father taxied a RAF officer from Guisborough rail station to the camp. I accompanied him & remember the camp barrier on Poverty Hill

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