Sil Howe Whinstone Mine, Goathland

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A drift runs 1770 feet from moorland to the south of the Whinstone Dyke.

Entrance to Sil Howe mine Entrance to Sil Howe mine

The remains of a mine building stand adjacent to the entrance.

Buildings at Sil Howe mine Buildings at Sil Howe mine

The drift entrance is dated 1940 whereas the mine building is 1899, this is most likely due to the large bomb crater next to them both which most likely destroyed the original drift entrance.

Bomb crater at Sil Howe mine

If not blocked, the drift would lead to the base of the mine working within the Whinstone Dyke, left was “Tinkers End” and right was “Sillars” both approximately 150 feet below the surface of the quarry.Quarry in Whinstone Ridge near Sil Howe Quarry in Whinstone Ridge near Sil Howe

This mine was actually accessible until the 1980s, and also subject to a rejected application for receational purposes in the 1970s. Internal photos can be seen on Mine Explorer

2 thoughts on “Sil Howe Whinstone Mine, Goathland

  1. I was last in this mine in the early 1990’s it is one heck of a mine and when you get to the end of the drift tunnel you can just see the tiny speck which is the entrance. i have spent hours in this mine and still feel there is more to see. There is even supossed to be an old oil lamp left in there by the last person to leave the working mine.
    If anyone is going back in pls email me as i would love to go back in.

  2. The entrance to this mine is now stoved in about 5m after the gate. I don’t know if this is intentional or if it is just a natural collapse, however the mine is not accessible. There was a top entrance in the Whinstone dyke however this is also filled in now.

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