Huntcliffe Ironstone Mine Guibal Fanhouse

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The loading ramp for the Huntcliffe mine borders the railway line which still runs to Boulby Potash mine. 

Huntcliffe Mine Unloading Ramp and Fanhouse Huntcliffe Mine Unloading Ramp

Just to the south of the ramp are the foundation of an engine house used for haulage.

Huntcliffe Mine Engine Foundations Huntcliffe Mine Engine Foundations

The fanhouse itself is on the opposite side of the railway.

Huntcliffe Mine Guibal Fanhouse Huntcliffe Mine Guibal Fanhouse

Huntcliffe Mine Guibal Fanhouse Huntcliffe Mine Guibal Fanhouse

In the field on the landward side is a small area of collapsed tunnel which allows access to the base of the shaft inside the building.

Huntcliffe Mine Guibal Fanhouse Tunnel Huntcliffe Mine Guibal Fanhouse Tunnel

  Huntcliffe Mine Guibal Fanhouse Tunnel Huntcliffe Mine Guibal Fanhouse Tunnel

Heres the same shaft seen from inside

Huntcliffe Mine Guibal Fanhouse Shaft 

A large void remains in the middle of the structure where the fan was once located.

Huntcliffe Mine Guibal Fanhouse Huntcliffe Mine Guibal Fanhouse

In the bottom of the pit is a doorway and a view up the chimney.

Huntcliffe Mine Guibal Fanhouse Huntcliffe Mine Guibal Fanhouse 

However much time you spend here, its hard to escape the prying eyes.

Huntcliffe Mine Guibal Fanhouse 

7 thoughts on “Huntcliffe Ironstone Mine Guibal Fanhouse

  1. I’ve always loved this fan house, its a perfect place to rest whenever im walking from Whitby to Saltburn. Alot of the time though its full of yobs who of course cant seem to be able to resist the need to visually foul the place with graffiti.
    I was over at the fan house in Old Shaft Woods near Skelton Park the other day and its in a terrible mess…. while i was there i found a tunnel leading away from the place which, it had collaped in two places allowing me to see into it. It’s dimensions looked to be about 3ft by 3ft and there was a pipe travelling up the middle back to the fan house. The tunnel didnt end at the furthest collapse from the fan house as there was a small hole i was able to stick my head in to see that the tunnel kept going and disappeared into the distance and even then there was no visable sign of collapse. There was a really strong breeze of fresh air coming from where ever this tunnel goes and im gonna try and find where.

  2. Visited the site again today. Somewhere nearby on the seaward side and running underneath the railway line apparently is a bricked up drift, which we could not find. Does anyone know where it is? The new information board does however refer to the 2 original drifts, one of which appears to enter down the cliff somewhere….there is noticeable coastal erosion in this area which may have taken earlier remains (along with the nearby Roman signal station)!

  3. we went today and as you said the notice board does suggest there is an entrance however when we looked we came to the conclusion that the errosion has blocked/hidden it. the only way in looks to be an abseil job or looking from the beach below. google earth showed up no results either

  4. Hi Chris, is there any entrances on the actual cliff face or are they all on the ground around the railway track? when i was there last i noticed a pipe going underground close to where the sculpture is. does that have anything to do with the mine?

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