Return to Kettleness Railway Tunnel

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After a years break I made a return to the Kettleness Tunnel to get a few more photos, the condition of the tunnel hasnt changed noticeably.

Kettleness Tunnel Kettleness Tunnel

We ventured into the small side tunnel used in construction about halfway along for the first time, after a short distance daylight becomes visible at the end.

Kettleness Tunnel Escape Tunnel Kettleness Tunnel Escape Tunnel Kettleness Tunnel Escape Tunnel

Theres an interesting variety of coloured minerals leaching through the brickwork in places.

Kettleness Tunnel mineral formations


6 thoughts on “Return to Kettleness Railway Tunnel

  1. Walked through the tunnel today, unfortunatley didn’t have a decent torch so it was pretty dark. My son panicked the whole way through, whilst his younger sister thought it was great. We stumbled across the remnants of a laptop computer about 2/3rd’s of the way through. will visit again armed with torches.

  2. went into tunnel tday 29 sep 08 took camera but fgot torch, can u get to cliff bottom from here,as someone has apparantely took a surf board through.

  3. The side tunnel does come out on the cliff, but you are no lower down than you are at either end of the tunnel.

    So not sure what good that would do you on a surfboard !

  4. Side tunnel was used in the construction to tip spoil. You wouldn’t want to escape through it and have to jump 🙂

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