Blink Bonny

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Blink Bonny is apparently Norse for “nice view” and it certainly is (although not on the day I visited due to low cloud)

The drift was associated with the Ailesbury Mines to the north east, a collapsed drift can be seen in the hillside, with the tip in front now being home to a bench and viewpoint.
Blink Bonny Blink Bonny Blink Bonny

The are numerous other tips and collapses in the area at the same level as these working.

2 thoughts on “Blink Bonny

  1. Blink Bonny was also a racehorse, a mare. Won the Derby in 1857, trained at Malton, bred on the Sledmere Estate and owned by the ?Marquess of Rockingham. Wonder who was named after who!

  2. Blink Bonny was also an LNER Locomotive of the A1/A3 Class.

    Ther ewere 78 of them all named after famous racehorses with a few exceptions like the ‘Flying Scotsman’ and ‘Great Northern’

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