Castleton ROC Post

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 I first visited this ROC post about six years ago, at the time it was in good condition, dry with numerous papers still on the wall. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to locate the photos I took that day with my first brick sized digital camera, you can however get an idea of how it used to look here.

Two lonely telegraph poles which once carried the communications point out the site from the road.

Castleton ROC Post 

The surface features are pretty much unchanged, although the lid has been removed and thrown into the shaft.

Castleton ROC Post Castleton ROC Post Castleton ROC Post

Being open to the elements means theres now an inch of water at the bottom of the ladder, all the paper and card items once inside are either gone or soaked, the cupboards have also been smashed up.

Castleton ROC Post Castleton ROC Post Castleton ROC Post 

The switch mechanism which was on the wall near the door in the older photos seems to have been very carefully removed, hopefully this has been taken to a museum or by someone restoring another ROC post rather than as a personal trophy.

ROC posts are fast disappearing or being vandalised, the fantastic example at Hinderwell was filled with soil in the last couple of years. No idea if any of the fixtures or fittings were saved before this was done.

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  1. I visited today with a friend to get some photographs. the place is in good shape inside besides from 3 pieces of graffiti. no damp either. hopefully someone will restore this place before its lost to vandals/time

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