Boosbeck Mine Shaft

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All that remains is a concrete block in the middle of a playing field.

Boosbeck Ironstone Mine Shaft 

The plaque read :-


A second shaft was close by, all that remains of that is a slight indentation in the field.

6 thoughts on “Boosbeck Mine Shaft

  1. There is not much left at Boosbeck. I have walked across this site before and not really appreciated the fact that significant industrial activity took place here. However having the Google Earth facility on the website really is excellent. A close up view will highlight the location of sidings etc and the overall site layout (in the form of earthworks) which would otherwise not be appreciated.

  2. Close inspection reveals an area of concrete on the ground about 8 feet from the monument. This could be either a cap to another possible shaft or most probably the remnants of the base of a building.

  3. Are you sure this is the correct site of the mine shaft? I was born in Boosbeck and my dad had pigeons on the pit yard gardens where we used to play as kids. I also remember the Mine Shaft and Wheel house being down in what was the farm yard and not in the middle of the playing field where the photograph shows.
    Please contact me for further information, I was born in 1946 and lived and worked in Boosbeck until I joined the forces in 1964.

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