Glaisdale Ironstone Mine, Powder House

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The Glaisdale Ironstone mine operated between 1862 and 1876, supplying the nearby ironworks.

The powder house has only recently lost its roof.

Glaisdale Glaisdale

Glaisdale Glaisdale

The structure was close to the 252ft shaft, in a depression nearby iron stained water is being forced up out of a pipe.


4 thoughts on “Glaisdale Ironstone Mine, Powder House

  1. It appears to be similar in constructional style as the powder house at Roseberry, and a lot more attractive than the concrete structures at Eston, Longacres and Belmont………..

  2. There are no apparent earthworks in the area indicating any wagonways. Does anyone know how the stone was moved once on the surface?

  3. I believe it went straight over a bridge into the ironworks, you can still see the remains of the bridge foundations in the river.

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