Saltburn Sea Wall, Stone Sleepers from Stockton to Darlington Railway

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The sea wall and slipway are constructed from the stone sleepers of the original Stockton to Darlington railway (the worlds first steam hauled public railway) the footing can be seen in the stones.

Saltburn Saltburn

Henry Pease who built the resort of Saltburn was the son of Edward Pease the railway pioneer.

Update 2013 : Many of these blocks were dislodged by the tidal surge on 5th December (photo by Simon Chapman)

19th December 2013

3 thoughts on “Saltburn Sea Wall, Stone Sleepers from Stockton to Darlington Railway

  1. I suppose the Pease family collaborated on the ‘Saltburn’ project, with the railway being extended to the new spa town. The way the railway line extended right up to the original hotel (after stopping at the town station) I believe was unique at the time.

  2. the platform and earthern tracbed to the revolving doors at the back of the hotel lasted – mazeingly – until the very early 1980’s

  3. It was a shame that the redevelopment plans did not make more of a feature of this. I believe the short run could have been preserved in some way.

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