8 thoughts on “Carlin How Ironstone Mine – Staple Shaft

  1. I believe there are other (very) minor remnants of this mine across the main road in the valley. Apparently after abandonment the site was largely left in a partially dismantled state until the 1970’s, when sadly the last remaining buildings were demolished. In addition the main road going uphill towards Loftus used to bridge over the branch line that served the site.

  2. Sorry all. I got my mines mixed up! The remains across the road in the valley are what is left of the Whitecliffe mine, which has nothing to do with the Carlin How mine. The Carlin How site was due north of the staple shaft.

  3. Come to think of it, has there ever been a post on Whitecliffe mine? I don’t think there is much remaining there but it would be interesting.

  4. You are right David-I walked right through the site yesterday and surface remains as standing in 1970 are now all gone.

  5. Further remnants of the Carlin How site can be seen on the north side of the valley – see my comment on the ‘1848 drift’ post.

  6. When I lived in Loftus in the early 70’s I remember this shaft had a wooden door which you could open and peer into the flooded shaft. The iron-rich water used to overflow onto the road a

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