Water Pumping Station, Slapewath / Charltons

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I’ve not been able to find out much about this concrete structure on Wileycat Beck
Water Management, Wileycat Beck Water Management, Wileycat Beck

Water Management, Wileycat Beck Water Management, Wileycat Beck

Its been suggested to me it was used to pump water to Guisborough during shortages, although I would be keen to hear any further details anyone may have.

3 thoughts on “Water Pumping Station, Slapewath / Charltons

  1. Interesting. It could be mine related although I don’t recall anything like this mentioned in Simon’s book.

  2. Looks like some kind of settling tank, to stop mine water in times of flood? Or wa it something to do with Wentworth resrvoir

  3. Back in the late 50s early 60s there was a pumping station at the site a green tin shed & to the far end a large water pipe came into the shed,this can still be seen from westworth not wentworth reservoir this in turn supplied water to various plases including the iron stone mine,When we were kids we used to block the hole up and let the water build up & swim their in the summer hols.On the hill side leading up to the fields the flight of steps are still visible

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