Skelton Shaft Ironstone Mine

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Apart from the very obvious Guibal Fanhouse closer investigation of the site reveals some more details.

Skelton Shaft, Culvert

Running due east from the fanhouse is a culvert with a metal pipe inside, it runs for nearly 200 feet and remains of a building can be seen on the surface where it ends.

Skelton Shaft, Chimney Base Skelton Shaft, Chimney Base

Further east again in the undergrowth appears to be the base of a chimney (or the base of a privvy depending on your personal interpretation)

Skelton Shaft, Engine Base

Slightly to the north of that a stone engine base can also be found hidden in the undergrowth.

2 thoughts on “Skelton Shaft Ironstone Mine

  1. Look closer at that concrete engine base and you will find it is a STONE engine base. It supported the winding engine.

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