More change in Redcar

Things are changing on a daily basis, so i’m recording anything I notice from now on.


Las Vegas Amusements have closed, become a “Virtual Shop” and had the signage removed


Tyne Tees Amusments is currently behind scaffolding and looks unlikely to re-emerge in this form.


Redcar Fire Station is currently being heavily modified with a new community centre being built onto the front.


The raised area between the Regent and the old site of Leos has been completely removed in preparation for the new sea defences.


2 thoughts on “More change in Redcar

  1. Though I grew up in Redcar I’m aware of the need for it to change.

    Still the hours spend playing ‘Streetfighter’ down the arcades there still makes me nostalgic.

    Have you had a good rummage through Saltburn’s ‘closed’ paths?

    I still use them and see little evidence / reason behind the landslide excuses 🙁

    This blog is truly excellent. Thank you!

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