First Two Saltburn Mosaics

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The first panel was unveiled on Wednesday 8th June as part of the Saltburn150 celebrations, it features the original 1870-1883 cliff hoist from before the cliff lift. Also the Halfpenny Bridge which stood from 1869-1974 is shown over the valley
Saltburn Mosaic
The local artists are Helen Gaunt and Derek Mosey and the panels are being unveiled one a month, there will eventually be five.
Saltburn Mosaic
The second features Malcolm Campbell in Sunbeam setting the landspeed record of 138.08mph on 17th June 1922

3 thoughts on “First Two Saltburn Mosaics

  1. It is about time that Saltburn had some reference to its important Motorsport past.

    You visit the town and there is nothing to let you know just how much went on, or how important some of it was.

    Which is sad. Lovely to see something now.

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