North Eastern Railway Tile Map, Saltburn

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These maps were manufactured by Craven Dunnill of Jackfield in Shropshire.

North Eastern Railway Map Tiles, Saltburn

9 are said to still exist in their original stations, Beverley, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Morpeth, Saltburn, Scarborough, Tynemouth, York and Whitby.
This one if unfortunately hidden behind a sheet of horrible scratched perspex (although that is saving it from vandals)

It is possible to purchase these tiles maps from new if you have about £3K burning a hole in your pocket.

11 thoughts on “North Eastern Railway Tile Map, Saltburn

  1. I have always loved these tile maps, and would buy one if funds allowed! They are an important link to the birth of the railway network in the UK.

  2. Does this one show the North Frodingham branch to the NE of Hull? Some do some dont ,but the branch was never actually built!

  3. I think there’s one at Pickering Station on the NYMR as well. I’ll have a check next time I’m there in a week or two.

  4. How many of the originals exist which do not show the North Holderness Light Railway, show the names of 4 intermediate stations on the Gosforth to Ponteland line, show the additional NER line from Marshland Junction, south west of Goole, to Fockerby and Haxey (the Axholme Joint Railway), and the one from Long Sadall Junction (as named on the map, but later known as Kirk Sandall Junction), north east of Doncaster, to Dinnington Junction (the South Yorkshire Joint Railway), show the route of the Dearne Valley line, show 3 additional stations on the Rotherham to Sheffield line, include a lot more details in the Wakefield/Doncaster/Sheffield area, including Wakefield Cathedral and Conisborough Castle, and mark the Ryhope to Seaham Junction line as being an NER line and not just one over which they had running rights? I am aware of two – does anyone else know of others?

  5. The one at Headley Court shows additional railway lines and details not shown on the originals as does another in a private collection. Also both do not show the North Holderness Light Railway from Beverley running north eastwards. Tracking down where all 12 originals now are took me some time and a lot of luck.

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