Marton War Memorial Garden

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The plaque says the land was donated by Henry Bolckow (although I suspect the one who died in 1947 rather than the original ironmaster who died in 1878) it was dedicated on November 11th 1947 then re-dedicated by the Bishop of Whitby, Robert Ladds on 8th October 2000.
Marton War Memorial Garden
The war memorial itself is set into a rockery.
Garden of Rememberance, Marton
A seat in the garden of rememberance has a plaque recording its opening on November 11th 1947 by Dorothy Bolckow, daughter of Henry.
Garden of Rememberance, Marton Garden of Rememberance, Marton

A further plaque exists just across the main road on a modern post, this one again mentions William Brunton, despite him being an OBE i’m having a bit of trouble tracking down his link to the area.

Marton War Memorial Playing Fields

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