Ironstone Mine Reminders, Dunsdale

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A planter for flowers and a bench are placed close to the location of the mine in Dunsdale (which was actually known at the Kirkleatham mine)
Dunsdale Mine Planter
The mine was actually a drift mine so wouldn’t have had the head-frame suggested for a shaft mine, but its good the history is remembered.
Dunsdale Mine Bench
The bench depicts a miners lamp.

The actual entrance to the mine is only about 100m SE in the woods, but its collapsed just a few meters inside.
Dunsdale (Kirkleatham) Mine

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  1. A nice walk in the area (included in one of the ‘Ironstone Walks’ books) takes in Dunsdale and the original tramway and incline. Apparently some railway oddments have been found in this area, such as rail chairs and pieces of old sleeper.

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