2 thoughts on “Wilton Clay Drift

  1. Well done for finding this remnant Chris. I remember a few years ago there was a lot of debate as to where this site was – when the tunnel under Wilton Lane was found (near to the now demolished substation) there was a belief that this was the clay drift site. I had seen reference made to this working in various books but up until now didn’t know whether anything was left of it.

  2. ‘we’ picnicked and walked here as kids when we lived at Dunsdale; arrived there via Hill Top, Bluebell Woods or Dunsdale Lodge, Seaton’s Farm (now demolished) and by the marshes. If you stand facing that door on the pic, then behind you is the site of the former Lovell Hill Ponds which (I believe) ICI had filled in. I would be very interested if anyone has any information on a young girl drowning there in circa. 1930’s.

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