Pillbox, Ingleby Barwick

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Despite being only a few hundred meters from the edge of a huge housing estate, this pillbox that formed part of the Northern Command: 59 Div. Reserve Stop Line is in excellent vandal-free condition.
Ingleby Barwick Pillbox
Ingleby Barwick Pillbox
The pillbox is of a Type-23 design with an entrance in the roof and still has its pillar for mounting a light anti-aircraft defence: a Bren or Lewis gun.
Ingleby Barwick Pillbox
The gun shelf is still intact inside
Ingleby Barwick Pillbox

The Defence of Britain website gives the following detailed information :-

“From Malton N 59 Div. established a divisional reserve line. The position ran from Malton up to Hovingham, Oswaldkirk and Helmsley, where the planned line of defences was broken. The line resumed at Carlton in Cleveland, before continuing N to Hutton Rudby, then along the River Leven to its junction with the Tees. The Tees was followed as far Stockton, from where the line followed a railway route as far as the N divisional boundary.”

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  1. Would be interested to know where this pillbox is located. There are quite a few pillboxes on seal sands. The one that was right on the beach near the dunes carpark was demolished i *think* as maybe a few people got stuck in the rising tide.

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