175 years since death of Redcar Lifeboatman

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William Guy is the only Redcar Lifeboatman ever to lose his life on a rescue callout.
William Guy, St Peter Redcar
He died on Christmas Day 1836 after being lost overboard from the Zetland lifeboat while trying to save the crew of the Danish ship Caroline.

The Caroline’s crew were also lost and Guys body was not found until 17 days later, near Staithes. (although All of Her Past Glories by David Phillipson says 6 weeks)

A plaque was unveiled in May 2011 in St Peter Church and a new grave marker laid in the cemetery.
William Guy, St Peter Redcar

3 thoughts on “175 years since death of Redcar Lifeboatman

  1. Called from the Chapel which was a rented building next to the Swan Hotel, the seas on that fateful night were so strong theywashed into the chapel and the lifeboathouse and severely damaged the Swan rear wall..Yet still the crew managed get the boat into the water and get out to the wrecked vessel.

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