1914 Culvert under Chalenor Tramway

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An ironstone tramway between the Chalenor mines near Guisborough and the Eston mines was built in 1914 when the underground link was severed.
Several traces of this remain, including this culvert for Moordale Beck with the 1914 date carved into the arch.
1914 Culvert under Chalenor tramway
1914 Culvert under Chalenor tramway
The arching has been strengthened a long time ago as the two lower tubes both resemble riveted boiler pipes.
1914 Culvert under Chalenor tramway

1 thought on “1914 Culvert under Chalenor Tramway

  1. I recall crawling through this often in the 1970s. All around Chaloner Pit there were large diameter flanged pipes/boilers? that had been used as culverts. I found it a shame that Tees side corporation used the whole area as land fill and covered the remains of the Chaloner Mine, including the ‘fan’.

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