1825 Skerne Bridge, Darlington

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The Skerne Bridge was designed by Ignatius Bonomi and was one of the worlds first railway bridges.
Skerne Bridge 1825, Darlington
It now lies sadly neglected and hard to reach behind an industrial estate, although its still in use by the railway to this day.
Skerne Bridge 1825, Darlington
For most of the 1990s it featured on the back of the £5 note with Locomotion No.1 passing over it at the opening of the Stockton and Darlington Railway

3 thoughts on “1825 Skerne Bridge, Darlington

  1. i worked at the Darlington Gas Works when the gas Retort House was on the North side of the bridge and the Gas Purifying Plant on the south side. Used to walk through the bridge nearly every day. Sadly one did not think of taking photographs of the place then. The Gas Works saw it’s demise with advent of North Sea Gas.

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