Forum Cinema – Normanby

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The Forum cinema dates in 1939 and closed in 1965 when the site was taken over by Walter Bakers furniture store which closed recently, although it has now re-opened as Beevers.

Forum Cinema - Normanby
Forum Cinema - Normanby
A broken sign for the Forum can still be seen on top of the building
Forum Cinema - Normanby
Inside the building can easily be identified as a cinema with a foyer and banked seating areas, this plan is displayed at the back of Beevers showroom.
Forum Cinema - Normanby

A short video by the Normanby Local History Group is included below

5 thoughts on “Forum Cinema – Normanby

  1. Good memories of the Forum cinema, Tarzan films !!! , too bad that it could not be preserved as it was.
    Looking good from North Carolina.

  2. I visited the air raid shelter a few years ago and have fond memories of going to films as a child and teen. Two films I remember were the Longest Day and Fire Maidens from Outer Space which made a big impression on me (I must’ve been 7 sneaking in to an A film. I reemember 13th moon of jupiter and “man with the head of a beast”)

  3. My mother in law worked there when it first opened, she worked in the ticket office. Still alive today at 98 she has fond memories of working there.

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