Robert McClean Plaque, Laburnum Road, Redcar

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This sign on a bungalow near East Halt station reads :-

Erected in grateful memory of Robert McClean Esq. J.P. Barrister-at-law, Redcars first town clerk. By the corporation of Redcar and by the spontaneous gifts of the admirers of his worth. July 1936

Robert McClean, Laburnum Road, Redcar

His obituary reads :-

Mr. ROBERT MCCLEAN, town clerk of Redcar, died on Thursday of last week (6th September 1934) at the age of 53. He was the pioneer of a scheme started at Redcar in 1921, whereby men forced to seek poor law relief were given an opportunity of doing useful work for the money granted. He endeavoured to secure provision in the new Unemployment Bill for some such scheme, which he held had enabled more than 2,500 men in recent years to work their way back from poor law relief to national insurability

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