Sphere by Steve Tomlinson – A66 Gateway

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Sphere by Steve Tomlinson was installed on 5th May 2007
(Rusty) Sphere, Steve Tomlinson, A66 South Bank
It weighs 5.2 tonnes and is five metres in diameter, it was fabricated by SBV Fabrications and Site Services. The spheres arrows light up at night, but sadly it hasn’t been maintained despite costing  £165,000  and is covered in large rust patches just 5 years later.

As of March 2013 the council have scrapped this sculpturethe-earth-sculpture-which-was-placed-at-south-tees-business-park-560022249. Whatever you opinion of the art that’s a disgraceful waste of money for just five years.

5 thoughts on “Sphere by Steve Tomlinson – A66 Gateway

  1. It is quite a piece, that said it is looking rusty and uncared for, it shows to be neglected by the photograph showing in this article

  2. You could make a pretty good argument for insisting that maintenance should be factored in to the cost of any art commissioned by the council.

  3. I lived 10 mins away from were it was put up and it was a piece of crap waste of money when it wasn’t rusty. Seen the state of grangetown and they spend over a hundred K on a disco ball and put it, IN GRANGETOWN!!!!

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