Waterfall / Spa Wood Culverts

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Between the Waterfall Viaduct and the old road bridge the beck goes through an old culvert
Culvert next to railway, Slapewath
It looks like it was constructed from brick after the substantial sandstone wall which supports the embankment on which the railway ran (although that is also being undermined by the water)
Spa Wood Culvert
Internally the culvert in not in fantastic shape as large chunks of its concrete lining have peeled away.
Spa Wood Culvert
Passing under the old road bridge the large modern culvert which runs under the A171 can be seen.
Spa Wood Culvert

10 thoughts on “Waterfall / Spa Wood Culverts

  1. Would it be possible to geotag the photos you post?
    While I am relatively familiar with the area, some of the names you use are not familiar to me.

    Love the site, keep up the great work!

    • I dropped Mick an email and he’s using the site via a mobile, on which its pretty much untested.

      Unless anyone wants to send a free iphone so I can check ?:

    • Sorry, what link? I’ve clicked on a few and it’s just to flickr or other areas of this site. And I’m using a laptop. Thanks

        • Oh, it seems I looked at another post. Most are pinned on the map but some aren’t. Maybe because of the urbexing rule of keeping locations secret, one location is Hunters scar jet mine. Can anyone suggest further? I think it’ll take a long time to find it in those woods without a sweep search?

          • Well it used to be tricky to find, but the woods were harvested after those photos were taken and its now very obvious with a fence built around it. Easily visible from the path.

  2. There is a spa here too..somewhere…see Ord’s History of Cleveland , in the library; people came from all around to drink the waters…early 1800’s.

    • Yes I’ve read that too.

      I suspect the location is lost under the spoil tips from the Spa Wood ironstone mine.

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