Robin Hood and Little John Inn Sign, Castleton

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The sign for the Robin Hood and Little John Inn is now virtually lost.
Robin Hood and Little John Pub, Castleton
The building itself can be dated to 1671 and local folklore states that Robin Hood and Little John met here for the last time. The sign was still freshly painted in this1955 Francs Frith photo..

There are many local references to the famous outlaws such as ‘Robin Hoods Bay’ and the ‘Robin Hood’s Close and Little John’s Close‘ marker stones near Whitby

20 thoughts on “Robin Hood and Little John Inn Sign, Castleton

  1. I think there was a sign or board at the front of the Pub that read:
    Gentlemen and Yeomen good
    Come in and sup wi’ Robin Hood
    If Robin Hood he be agone
    Come in and sup wi’ Little John

    might be slightly off on the words

    • Yes, that was the wording on the sign which was above the front (High Street) door. Great little pub, sadly missed. Always enjoyed a pint in there after fishing for trout at Six Arch Bridge just down the road.

  2. This brings back memories of many pints in there during the 70’s when Alf Moss was the landlord. The pub couldn’t sustain a working wage so he worked at the Boulby potash mine to supplement his income. Happy days!

  3. A cracking pub. I used to drink in there when Alf was the landlord. (I was below age at the time). I have so many memory’s of good friends when I was a lot younger. People I have not seen for years. Good pub, good landlord. The pool room wasn’t the poshest, but we loved it. Great memory’s

  4. I have a postcard showing the sign. It was published by W.Richardson,
    “Advertiser” office,Loftus. I guess it is pre-1914, as the stamp space says
    that a halfpenny stamp is to be placed here.The licensee was Edward W. Smith
    at that time.

  5. When did this pub close? The reason I ask is that I was once roped into working a weekend in a Castleton pub in the mid 1980’s and although I’ve been back a few times since, I can’t find a trace of it. Without wishing to incriminate anyone, the whole operation of the place seemed to survive on working practices and licensing laws which were unorthodox to say the least. Thank goodness for the old days of pubs shutting in the afternoons, it was the only sleep I got for the whole 3 days!

  6. I am aged 82 & remember the landlord, George Williamson,who was also the village joiner, Undertaker. As a child I spent a lot of time in the joiners shop playing with the curled up shavings & always remember him blowing the sawdust from his mustache. One of his sons Tom, took over the business when his father finished & carried on doing the undertaking & when I was at school I helped him to make the coffin for a gentleman from Moorsholm , lifting the body into the coffin & dressing the inside with the material. I think I was only 15 at the time. After the funeral I was given the rest of the day off With Pay. Happy Days.

  7. My Grandmother Beatrice Chisholm Ne Holborn. She lived in the end house Lumley Road Redcar next to the Race Course. Beatrice taught piano to subsidise her Husband Policeman’s pay. She was also an artist, very strict, her home was immaculate, polished furniture and pristinely decorated. A perfectionist, after grandfather retired from the City of Leeds Police they took the Robin Hood & Little John Pub in Castleton.

  8. Hi there was two signs the big one one the wall.

    I am particularly interested in the small sign above the door as you walk into the pub.

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