Mine Kibble – Cragg Hall, Brotton.

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Although there was an ironstone mine immediately adjacent at Cragg Hall, this is modern and is presumably also from the shaft sinking of Boulby Potash mine in the 1970s like the nearby grab.
Kibble, Cragg Hall, Brotton
The link appears to be Peter Roberts, ex-manager of Boulby who lived in Brotton (sadly he appears to have passed away just a couple of years ago)
Kibble, Cragg Hall, Brotton
For comparison, here’s the 1800’s ironstone kibble at Pinchinthorpe.
Codhill Kibble

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  1. I worked on the shafts at boulby for ten years , and this is one of the kibbles that were used for the first few hundred feet, after that much larger ones were used, as they were used for extracting spoil out, and for man-riding

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