South Bank Baptist Church

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Plans were first made from this church around the turn of the century, as can be seen in this 1900 news clipping. It was actually constructed in 1905 having been designed by G. Baines & Son
There are two heavily eroded sandstone dedication stones, the first seems to relate to a Mr Doggart of Bishop Auckland from 1905.
South Bank, Baptist Church
And a Miss G Davies of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
South Bank, Baptist Church
The church itself is made of red brick and is still in good condition despite sadly being now fortified with barbed wire and metal plates over the windows.
South Bank, Baptist Church
To the rear of the building are two much later dedication stones.
South Bank, Baptist Church
A very clear one from Arthur Graydon, Teesville, July 4th 1934.
South Bank, Baptist Church
And also now eroded badly, ? T. Grassham, ? House Eston, 1934.
South Bank, Baptist Church
Those presumably relate to the later hall at the rear.

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