Newton Cap Viaduct, Bishop Auckland

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Newton Cap Viaduct now carries the main A689 and is not visible from the road or its approaches. There are 11 arches of 60 feet in span, giving a length of 276 yards. Rising 105 feet above the river bed.
Newton Cap Viaduct
Construction started in 1854 with the first freight crossing in 1856.
The line closed in 1968 and became a footpath until the road was diverted onto the viaduct as recently as 1993-95. The Bondgate tunnel also lies buried at the Bishop Auckland end, blocked in 1977.

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  1. Thanks for this, my father was on the original survey team from Durham County Council for the A689 project. He told me once that it was earmarked for demolition if they hadn’t proved it capable of supporting the road traffic. Fortunately they found that it was more than capable of supporting traffic and the viaduct has found a new lease of life.

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