Ripon Camp Memorial

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Ripon Camp was a vast First World War camp, it could accommodate 30,000 troops and an estimated 350,000 men passed through during the course of the war.

Ripon Camp Memorial

A huge military hospital with 670 beds stood opposite the turning to Studley Roger, this was demolished after the war and is where the memorial now stands, of the site of the chapel and canteen.

Ripon Camp Memorial

A collection of photos can be found courtesy of the Kings Own Royal Regiment.

5 thoughts on “Ripon Camp Memorial

  1. Thanks for this Chris. My grandfather was at Ripon Camp before setting off for France in 1916. He was with the Royal Engineers.

  2. The military hospital still existed in the spring of 1919. My great uncle Johann, died there aged 27 as a German POW.
    My husbands side of the family originates from Marske and Middlesbrough and many were coal miners and steelworkers.
    So we find plenty of very interesting info on your site. Thank you..

  3. If you’re back in ripon, check out the tank crossing over the ure on the B6265, by the race course. There’s some sketchy info online, sounds like it was used for training crews to disembark landing craft, but you might be able to find out more…?

    • The tank crossing is still there as is the flight of concrete steps with wheels tracks either side known locally as the Fairy Steps. They used to use it for getting wagons and later tanks up the hill to the training grounds at Hell Wath

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