Old Posters / Ghostsigns / Lobster Hotel Redcar

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These old advertisement have been revealed by the removal of a billboard near the Lobster Hotel.
Redcar Old Poster, Ghostsign

The Benson and Hedges poster is fairly obvious, but what about the one on the left ?
Redcar Old Poster, Ghostsign
Someone serving bread rolls in a uniform, but what for ? Flights or Railways ? 1980s ?
What looks like “Darlington to” in text made me think trains, but the logo doesn’t look like a British Rail one.

Can anyone identify it ?:

5 thoughts on “Old Posters / Ghostsigns / Lobster Hotel Redcar

  1. Could have been an ad for the Tees Tyne Pullman service which, despite the name, took the normal ECML line connecting at Darlo. It made i big virtue of its “Hadrians Bar” buffet / dining car / bar facility, so it could be for that. The only doubt is that the lettering is not the normal BR typeface, but this only became standardised in the mid 1960’s, so this could be earlier

  2. That’s a simplified version of the Pullman crest on the uniform – citytransport.info/Digi/P1050928a.jpg – so David Walsh is probably right. The Tees-Tyne Pullman service was withdrawn in 1976 so this could date to late ’60s early ’70s.

  3. Looks like she’s holding a basket full of onions. I know Intercity refreshments left a bit to be desired in those days but I can’t remember them being that bad. Wasn’t there enough to cry about in the 80s?

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