Commondale Brickworks 1903 Datestone – Ness Terrace

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Originally opened in 1861 as the Cleveland Fire and Brick Company. The Commondale Brick & Pipe Works traded from the late 1880s until 1947. Much of the village is built from their products including Ness Terrace.

Commondale 1903
Ness Terrace, Commondale

On the gable at the railway station end is a buff stone carrying the date 1903 and the letter “N”, perhaps for the name “Ness” if the builder named the Terrace after themselves ?

Commondale 1903

What is quite remarkable is that there appears to be a photograph of the plaque actually being made, seen below from the East Cleveland Image Archive.

Image courtesy of the East Cleveland Image Archive / Pem Holliday Collection.

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