Skelton History Group Walk – Biggles and the Zeppelins

Tuesday 15th October – (10) Biggles and the Zeppelins

Distance: 3 miles; Ascent 65ft; Duration: about 2-2½ hours

Meet at 10:30am in the Stray car park near Green Lane, Redcar (NZ 624 237). This easy-paced walk takes place on mostly level ground. There are two ladder styles to negotiate to cross the rail line. The heritage interest includes: the 1913 summer camp of the Northumberland & Durham Brigade of the Territorial Force, the WW1 RFC/RAF airfield, and the Sound Mirror for detecting incoming Zeppelins.

A charge of £2 per person will be made on each walk to offset the costs of Insurance. Please wear appropriate footwear and have clothing suitable for the likely weather conditions on that day. On the longer walks, it is suggested that you bring food and drink as we usually stop between midday and 1:00pm for a lunch break.

Further details can be had from: or by contacting Peter Appleton (Tel: 01287 281752)

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