Redcar Rinkeries – Roller Skating Rink

This wonderful photograph from Redcar is regularly mis-identified as either Redcar Pier Ballroom or Coatham Pier (The Glasshouse / Regent Cinema)

Redcar Rinkeries

Fortunately, Fred Brunskill is in possession of a glass-plate negative which is labeled “Redcar Rinkeries” which gives us the clue to the actual location. An advert for Redcar Rinkeries is shown in the 1910 Bennetts Directory and gives the address as Redcar Lane

1910 Bennetts Directory

This Gazette article from May 1909 describes the opening day again with a location on Redcar Lane that is away from houses. The manager was T. B. Freeman and the building was erected by Henry McNaughton

Adverts for the Redcar Rinkeries appear throughout 1909, with Miss Jobbing named as the ladies instructor and special events with late trains arranged from Grangetown and South Bank.

However the Rinkeries don’t seem to have been a success, perhaps due to being quite a distance out of town at the time and there are no further mentions after 1910, due to the short-lived nature of the business, perhaps the people in the photograph include Mr Freeman and Miss Jobbing?

Historic mapping shows only one possible location. A large structure on Redcar Lane is shown on the 1913 map (marked in red) that wasn’t there in 1894. By 1927 it has been removed and replaced by 65-75 Redcar Lane. So the Rinkeries stood between the end of Ings Road and the Furlongs

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