A small fragment of Gisborough Priory

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On the corner of Walkers Row and Union Street, nestled next to a tumble drier vent is a fragment of Gisborough Priory. It actually looks like the base of a small column, perhaps from a window ?

Guisborough Priory Chunk

Many chunks of the priory were reused across the town after the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1540, although how this one ended up in a relatively modern building is a mystery.

1 thought on “A small fragment of Gisborough Priory

  1. Chris; items could be bought from the Priory in the 1950’s and before that….so it is not odd. Have seen this too. The gardens open to the public on stokesly road have such too plus a house on westgate, opposite Wetherspoon’s.

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