Leake Church, Mass Dials

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Leake church now stands alone by the A19, it once served the now deserted Medieval village of Leake; it now serves the two villages of Borrowby and Knayton.

Mass dials are a type of medieval sundial found on churches, they were used to show the time of services held during the day before the advent of clocks and watches.

Leake Church, Mass dials

They are also known as Scratch dials because many are scratched into the stone. The hole in the centre held a rod that cast a shadow, known as a gnomon.

Leake Church, Mass dial

3 thoughts on “Leake Church, Mass Dials

  1. I have stopped and looked at this church. I read that the black death wiped out the villigers
    and there is a mass grave in the church yard

  2. Love to read your interesting articles Chris, we left the area as a family in 1967 and I’ve always wondered what happened to the history of the region, so thank you for sharing a these lovely posts.

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