Greatham Railway Station

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I’ve been taking a short break from Hidden Teesside, but I return with a kind contribution from Michael Thompson.

Greatham Railway Station was opened on 10 February 1841 as a branch of the Clarence Railway, from Billingham to Hartlepool. The station finally closed on 24 November 1991. Apart from serving the residents of Greatham the station also served as a freight station for the nearby salt works.

(Info – Wikipedia: Greatham Railway Station)

Greatham Station looking east towards Hartlepool (Michael Thompson)

Although the station has now been deleted from the Ordnance Survey maps the road from Greatham to the station is still called Station Road.

8 thoughts on “Greatham Railway Station

    • David – Interesting question and one that I cannot answer. I only ‘discovered’ the station late last month whilst out on a cycle ride. Then went back a few days later with my camera.

  1. The station also served the many workers, especially during WW2, who worked at the Cerebos salt works processing and packing the salt. My mother worked there…

  2. It now may become a site for green hydrogen production on Teesside. BP’s subsidiary, H2, is stated to be proposing to undertake a survey of the site’s suitability.

  3. I lived over the railway lines as a kid and have many memories of Greatham, Cerabos and Greatham Creek and the house boats and the old salt rigs.

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