Armouth Wath, Coal Mine, Baysdale

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Armouth Wath is located at the meeting of two small streams at the head of Baysdale. 

Armouth Wath  

A pair of old stone bridges cross the streams, as well as some more modern pipes.

Armouth Wath Bridge Armouth Wath Bridge

A ruined building stand by the track, it looks more industrial than the domestic as I couldn’t spot any chimneys or fireplaces.

Armouth Wath Buildings Armouth Wath Buildings

About 100m to the South-West is a small single roomed structure

Armouth Wath Building Remains 

The main area of mining is to the side of the stream, north of the buildings. Three collapses running perpendicular the stream can be seen, the first of which contains a lot of rubble.

Collapsed Adit, Armouth Wath Armouth Wath Adit Remains Armouth Wath Building Remains

Within this largest depression stands a small arch, which presumably was once the mine entrance.

Armouth Wath Adit Remains Armouth Wath Adit Remains  

Downstream is a nice waterfall probably rarely seen due to the remoteness of the site.

Waterfall at Armouth Wath 

To the South-East is evidence of the existance of Black Hagg Pit.

Black Hagg Pit, Armouth Wath  

We found a fair amount of coal lying around in the area, and found it to burn very well in the pub at Commondale on the way home.


1 thought on “Armouth Wath, Coal Mine, Baysdale

  1. Hi Chris,
    There is a good article about the coal mining here in the Ryedale Historian, about issue 8? The building nearby was probably a hermitage for either a nun from Baysdale or a monk from Guisborough. The article was written by Raymond Hayes who as you will know was a brilliant amateur archaeologist, assisted by Roland Close who lived in .Baysdale and often assisted Raymond. It’s a really good walk
    All the best
    Geoff Taylor

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