Kirkleatham Hall Stables

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The stables are the only surviving part of the Hall which stood on the site of the current modern school, they have stood moth-balled for all of my lifetime and must be in a poor state internally by now despite being a Grade II listed building.

Kirkleatham Hall Stables Kirkleatham Hall Stables

Kirkleatham Hall Stables Kirkleatham Hall Stables

Kirkleatham Hall Stables Kirkleatham Hall Stables

An interesting look circular tower can be seen from the outside.

The Local Development Framework released today specifically mentions the regeneration of Kirkleatham so lets hope it delivers.
The Core Strategy recognises the importance of addressing these issues to conserve the historic environment at Kirkleatham, and the aims of the Spatial Strategy for the Redcar Area include safeguarding and enhancing the conservation area, listed buildings and historic parkland as well as improving visitor facilities at Kirkleatham village. “

5 thoughts on “Kirkleatham Hall Stables

  1. Hello Sir/Madam
    i would like to know if you have a contact number for these stables i have quite a few questions to ask about this house
    reply as soon as you can please.
    Kind Regards Bethanie Thomas

  2. my eldest sister spent a lot of her early years in and around the Hall (that was demolished) as our Grandmother was the last house keeper there. It was a great pity that the then council allowed the Hall to be demolished and certainly the current council are no wiser in the mess they have lift Kirkleatham in with The Gardens’ wall not cared for (Grade II Listed) and the stable block which, converted into apartments would bring some life back to the village; another thing that brought this once lovely village down was the way the council bought out the individual houses and then simply left the to go to ruin – another grand scheme to make Kirkleatham into a ‘living village’ which no one wanted and it never happened.
    I have spent all of my life in and around Kirkleatham and lived at the Alms Houses with my mother at the time of my marriage in early 1980’s. I adore the place and hate how the council has treated it.

  3. UPDATE FROM Ashley Eddon – Work was due to commence quite sometime ago to renovate it (not sure to what) but on a site inspection it was found that the lofting area of the stables was full of a nest of bats. It is estimated that the colony is around 2000 strong.

  4. As an update: The Festival of Thrift will be holding its festival on the Kirkleatham Museum estate this year (17th and 18th September, 2016), which includes the stables. The festival organisers have been clearing away rubble and debris from the stable block, and as part of the festival 6 artists will be making new work to be exhibited in the stables during the festival. It’s great to see the space being used, even if temporarily, and being shown a bit of TLC.

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