Skinningrove Mosaic and Sylvania Anchor

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This mosaic by Derek Mosey, Helen Gaunt and the village community depicts various aspects of Skinningrove such as the mine and the “merman” legened, it was erected during 2009
Skinningrove Mosaic Skinningrove Mosaic

Skinningrove Mosaic Skinningrove Mosaic

Skinningrove Mosaic Skinningrove Mosaic

The small park also contains the Sylvania Anchor, which was used to help refloat a ship stranded at Skinningrove for six months, it was retrieved from the sea in 2001 after spending 100 years buried.
Skinningrove Anchor


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  1. Just thought I’d say the Skinningrove Mosaic was created with two artists, as well as myself, Derek Mosey, my partner Helen Gaunt designed the mosaic and worked on the project too. We worked alongside the village community through mosaic workshops to complete the 40 foot long mosaic.

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