Coatham Windmill

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Coatham windmill was located on Station Road and parts of a substantial sandstone wall are still present to the rear, although again it may be nothing to do with the windmill.
Sandstone Wall, Redcar
Update 2013 : This old photo of the church on Station Road shows a structure behind that must be part of the Windmill, apparently used for observation during WW1.
Update 2015 : Ian Weber has also kindly pointed out it being shown in the back ground of this photo too.
This photo is believed to be the Coatham Windmill, which had 4 sails

4 thoughts on “Coatham Windmill

  1. The Station Road, windmill and another 6 bladed windmill which stood near the bus station in Redcar were both owned by my husbands great grandfather, the 6 bladed blew down in a big storm he was a miller and also baker (he could combine 2 businesses and make more money!) However he gambled the money away at Monty Carlo.

  2. Re Coatham windmill. The United Reformed Church now stands on the site of the old Coatham windmill. Prior to the church being there the site was occupied by the Department of
    Employment Unemployment Benefit Office. Until I moved to Sheffield I belonged to the URC there. I also worked for the
    D of E Redcar though not on that particular spot.

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