Scaling Mill

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My copy of “Industrial Archaeology of North East England” from 1974 reports Scaling Mill as being intact with much of the gear still in site, sadly this is no longer the case in 2011. A weir and mill race running towards the mill can still be easily identified. A photo can be found here
 Scaling Mill - Weir Scaling Mill Race
The actual location of mill is little more that a few foundations now, although a small outbuilding is still standing and in the stream there does appear to be a cutting next to wall which could have housed a waterwheel.

Scaling Mill Scaling Mill Outbuilding
Some ruined farm buildings are nearby but away from the stream, they don’t look like they will last much longer either judging by the crack in the end wall.
Buildings near Scaling Mill Buildings near Scaling Mill Scaling Mill - Stopcock
A piece of long abandoned farm machinery is also hidden in the undergrowth.

Old Farm Machinery Old Farm Machinery Old Farm Machinery

5 thoughts on “Scaling Mill

  1. It’s amazing how many buildings like this have gone. Markse Mill is a good example. Why would the owners rather see it fall into disrepair and collapse than sell it or lease it to someone and make some money?

  2. Good point Andy. Does anyone know what is supposed to be happening with the South Skelton ironstone mine site?

  3. I visited today – buildings have completely gone now, but the footings are visible – I have a photo if you want one.

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